Benefits of Joining

RTO/ERO is the only organization with representation from elementary, secondary, public, Catholic and francophone schools.

Health Insurance

  • Comprehensive, competitive and affordable Extended Health, Semi-Private Hospital and Dental Plans
  • Plans offered independently, with single, couple or family coverage
  • The largest Canadian retired educator health plan covering over 72,000 members and their dependents
  • Our Plan is owned and managed by RTO/ERO members and available only to members
  • Plan highlights: direct payment to pharmacies; electronic submission of dental claims; direct deposit of claim payments; paramedical practitioner services; vision care; home care; and travel coverage while outside of province and country

Social Network

  • District structure across Ontario, and two Districts in British Columbia
  • Social and networking opportunities including luncheons, dinners, meetings and guest speakers;
  • Recreational activities such as golf and bridge tournaments; travel to theatre and sporting events
  • Provincial committees, Senate, workshops, online discussion forums

Pension Support

  • Monitoring of pension legislation, comments on proposed changes and recommends improvements for retired teachers, when appropriate
  • Participation in regular discussions with the Ontario Teachers’ Federation (OTF)
  • Voting member on the OTF Pension and Pension Negotiations Committees, representing members in pension negotiations with the Provincial Government

Political Advocacy

  • Provincially, committees and staff lobby all levels of government on issues of concern to educators and retirees, including health care, support for active teachers and publicly-funded education, seniors’ issues, and the environment
  • Locally, members organize meetings and lobby local MPs and MPPs


  • RTO/ERO publishes a national award-winning quarterly magazine, Renaissance, for all members, and monthly newsletters for Provincial and District leaders
  • Tax Tips and Pocket Calendars are produced annually
  • Professionally designed provincial public and members’ only websites
  • District websites supported by provincial technical assistance

Service to Others

  • Community outreach through Project – Service to Others, a $100,000 grant program for Districts to support local community projects
  • Scholarships for members’ relatives actively seeking a career in teaching
  • Provincial charitable donations policy


  • Members travel the world with specially designed cruises and tours at discounted rates
  • Professionally designed exclusive travel packages for our members


  • Resource and expertise collaboration with provincial and national organizations to improve the quality of life for retirees (e.g. CARP, The Canadian Association of Retired Teachers (ACER/CART), Elder Abuse Ontario, the Ontario Retirement Communities
    Association (ORCA); provincial teacher affiliates, and trustee, supervisory officer and principals’ organizations)