Retirement Guide

This guide is intended for staff retiring from an Ontario District School Board. Please consider attending one of our many Retirement Planning Workshops for more information about your options in retirement, including financial planning, health plans and life in retirement.

1) Submit letter of resignation to your school board

2) Apply for pension


a) Three months in advance of your required pension commencement date, contact the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan to obtain your personalized pension application form.

For further information, please contact the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan:

Phone (in Toronto): 416.226.2700
Phone (toll free): 1.800.668.0105
Fax (in Toronto): 416.730.7807
Fax (toll free): 1.800.949.8208

You may also refer to the Pension Plan Guide (PDF).

b) Notify the Ontario College of Teachers of your retirement status and ask them to send you a Notice of Retirement Form.

Telephone (in Toronto): 416.961.8800
Telephone (toll free; in Ontario): 1.888.534.2222
TTY Access: 416.961.6331
Fax: 416.961.8822


Board Support Staff

Contact OMERS:

Client Services: 416.369.2444
Toll-free (Canada/USA): 1.800.387.0813
Fax: 416.369.9704
Toll-free fax: 1.877.369.9704

Contact OPSEU:

Phone (in Toronto): 416.443.8888
Phone (toll free): 1.800.268.7376

Contact CUPE:

Phone: 613.237.1590
Fax: 613.237.5508


3) Depending on your age, consider applying for Canada Pension PlanYou are eligible to receive Canada Pension as early as age 60.

4) Join RTO/ERO. Please see our Membership Page for details on the benefits of membership, types of membership and other details.



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