Most RTO/ERO members live in Ontario and are affiliated with one of 48 Districts into which the organization is divided, including two Districts in British Columbia. District divisions are based on old school board boundaries such as Windsor-Essex and Ottawa-Carleton.


Some Districts are further divided into units, which represent geographical areas within Districts that cover large geographic areas.

District activities

At the District level, members participate in social, travel and leisure opportunities, as well political and community advocacy. Many of our members assume leadership roles on District Executives, which take care of the day to day function of District activities.

Choosing and contacting Districts

Please see the contact list for all RTO/ERO Districts, with links to their respective websites.

Explore our convenient District Map to see where each District is located. On the map, clicking on a geographical area will provide you with contact information for the District as well as a link to the District’s website.

All District websites provide specific information, including local activities, meetings, social and leisure opportunities and contact information for the entire District Executive.

Contact us

For more information about Districts, contact us at districts@rto-ero.org or contact a local District for more information about their structure and local activities.