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You can contact the finance department at 1-800-361-9888 or visit to pay online.

Yes, send an e-mail to the membership department at or call 1-800-361-9888.

Contact the health benefits team at or call 1-800-361-9888.

Claims can be made online through the members only website: or by calling Johnson Service at 1-800-638-4753.

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Tax Information for Membership Fees

Are my RTO/ERO membership fees tax deductible?

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) permits amounts related to your employment for union dues and dues required to keep a professional status to be claimed on your income tax.  RTO/ERO membership fees, therefore, are ineligible for any tax deduction.

Why are membership fees not tax deductible?

Fees paid to a voluntary membership-based organization serving retirees are ineligible to be claimed at tax time on line 212.

Will I still receive a receipt for membership with RTO/ERO?

Members may require receipts for various reasons and can request a receipt for membership fees paid during a calendar year.  Please call 416-962-9463 (Toronto area) or toll free 1-800-361-9888 or email