Terms of Reference:

  • To receive reports on the financial reporting process and to review internal controls from the Auditor or the Chief Financial Officer and report to the Board.
  • To revise the scope and terms of the audit engagement, including the proposed fees, and review the plan for the annual audit with the external Auditor and report to the Board.
  • To recommend to the Board the appointment of an external Auditor, in consultation with management.
  • To review the audited financial statements with the external Auditor and management, and to report with recommendations to the Board.
  • To review the organization’s management of risk and highlight any areas requiring review.
  • To prepare a written report to the Board for the Annual Meeting related to the aforementioned duties.


Committee Membership

Name District District Name

Jacqueline Aird (Chair)
  Board Member
Martha Foster   Board Member
Bill Huzar   Board Member
David Kendall   Board Member
Roger Toffolo 05 Cochrane, Temiskaming