RTO/ERO Health Plans

RTO/ERO is pleased to present a wide variety of information and resources related to the RTO/ERO Group Insurance Plans for RTO/ERO members and District leaders. In this area you will find information about Claims and Service, a portal to the Members' Only website of Johnson Inc., our Group Benefits Program administrator, and a range of publications.

The general information documents and information about the full range of insurance plans available to members is in the Group Insurance Plans section of the website, but here you will find the booklets with comprehensive details about the RTO/ERO Group Benefits Program, as well as newsletters and brochures providing insight, information and education about important matters related to our Group Insurance Plans and healthy living.

RTO/ERO’s objective is to provide a most cost effective, high quality and competitive group health insurance plan that meets the needs of the majority of the membership. You can rest assured that the plans are well-established,
financially stable, and will continue to evolve to meet the changing health needs of members.

The RTO/ERO Group Insurance Benefits are owned and managed by RTO/ERO members, administered by Johnson Inc. and underwritten by Manulife Financial. For more than 25 years, Johnson Inc. has been proud to partner with RTO/ERO and is committed to always putting you first. This booklet outlines the convenience services and exceptional benefits offered to you by RTO/ERO.