About Our Foundation

The Retired Teachers of Ontario Foundation, established in 2011, raises and invests funds into research and programs that benefit Canada’s aging population.  

Inspired by a history of philanthropy of our founding benefactor, Retired Teachers of Ontario, the Foundation has a bold vision: enhance the quality of life of aging adults.

Recognizing the urgency of an aging Canadian population, we are proactively engaging with donors, RTO/ERO members, community organizations and subject matter experts to achieve that vision.

We are among the few Canadian foundations to invest exclusively in initiatives related to healthy and active aging. That applies to seniors wherever they are, whether living at home, in a retirement or long-term care residence in their community. 

We do it through funding, partnerships and research support. The Foundation invests in three key activities: 

  • Research to better understand and address the complex needs of older adults
  • Post Secondary Training in Geriatrics and Gerontology 
  • Innovative Programs to Reduce Social Isolation

The RTO/ERO Foundation does not receive any government funding. Our biggest source of donations is individuals – RTO/ERO members and others, augmented by some corporate support. 

The health and prosperity of seniors is of prime importance to the 74,000 RTO/ERO members.  The RTO/ERO Foundation shares the belief that seniors are valuable and contributing members of society – that all are worthy of respect and deserve to age successfully and with dignity.

Thanks to this generosity, the Foundation is able to make a difference.