Strategic Plan

The RTO/ERO Foundation has one big vision: healthy aging for all Canadians. To this end, we are committed to effectively and meaningfully investing in innovative initiatives that promote and enhance healthy, active aging.

With an approval in January 2018 from the Foundation’s Board of Directors, the new three-year plan focuses on heightening engagement with donors and RTO/ERO members in order to raise and invest new funds for aging research and post-secondary education in geriatrics and gerontology; and for innovative projects that contribute to reducing social isolation in seniors.

By December 2020, our strategic goals, which align with the RTO/ERO’s mission to improve the lives of members and seniors, are to:

  • Be recognized as a leader in the funding and application of aging-related research, education and community action to promote social connections and engagement.
  • Create a sustainable funding base to improve our capacity to fund grants annually.

“Our goals for aging-related research and training and programs improving social inclusion are avenues to active and healthy lives,” says Joan Murphy, Chair of the Board of Directors of the Foundation.

Our 2018 objectives center on strategic investments, sharing stories about our impact, and providing our donors with a wide variety of opportunities to support the work of the Foundation. They include:

  • Conducting a full evaluation of our granting program to date and setting a new three-year granting plan
  • Engaging more strategically with RTO/ERO Districts and their members to share impactful stories about how our granting is improving the quality of life for members and seniors
  • Increasing revenue through more personalized donor stewardship and acquisition

“There’s an old saying that it takes a village to raise a child,” says Murphy. “It also takes a village, working together, to better the lives of aging adults. That’s what our Foundation is attempting to do.”

Read the full strategic plan here.