Educating Health Care Providers in Geriatrics and Gerontology

You most likely have had a personal experience with a health care provider who doesn’t give you the time to share your concerns, makes assumptions about you and your health without confirming, deals with specific complaints but not your whole health and wellbeing.

For virtually all health care professions, there are no mandatory training requirements around providing care for older adults. 


Canada has one geriatrician for every 15,495 older Canadians.


Across the country and across professions, we see “a fundamental mismatch between training provisions and the fact that older Canadians are becoming the greatest users of our health care system” NationalSeniorsStrategy.

Seniors benefit when the abilities to serve them improve right across the health care spectrum – and when more people are trained in those services.  Almost all health professionals will require competency in care of older adults. 

The Foundation is proactively addressing this major gap. By focusing in this area, the Foundation will help to build the capacity – among a range of health providers – to help deliver more proactive and innovative approaches to care.

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