Executive Director's Message


Jim Grieve, Executive Director, RTO

Membership is just the beginning

All your life, you’ve been a member of important organizations – federations, unions, the staff of schools, school boards, childcare centres or post-secondary institutions. You’ve served on associations of subject-matter experts and on volunteer boards.

So, you’re familiar with the value of membership. From experience, you know being part of a like-minded group means that collective benefits accrue to all individuals in the group. Each of us gains greater benefits together than we would on our own.

And if that’s all RTO/ERO membership had to offer, it would certainly be worthwhile. But there’s so much more.

RTO/ERO is member owned and operated. Which means your voice genuinely matters when it comes to making important plans and decisions about how we will grow the organization. But we need to hear from you. We need you to stay actively engaged with us in the way that suits you best. Connect with your local District. Speak to me when I visit you in your community. A thousand conversations. That is how we will really get to know one another. That is how we will continue to expand our membership and our services to every member.

I invite you to connect with me directly online through:

Email jgrieve@rto-ero.org

Twitter @JimAwesomeYears

LinkedIn ca.linkedin.com/in/jimgrieve

In addition, there is the RTO/ERO website and our direct service to members. You continually tell us how much you appreciate that exemplary service. You will see a focus on continuous improvement—both in customer service and on our website and through RTO/ERO social media.

I also want to focus on what we can achieve when we work together as members. As retired (or approaching retirement) K-12 and post-secondary staff or educational support staff, we’ve dedicated our careers to making a difference in the lives of children and youth. Now, in our awesome years, we’re members of an organization that provides much for us in the way of benefits and offers us limitless opportunities to give back to the larger society.

We’re 80,000+ strong and growing—just think of the impact we can make when we put our minds to it! Certainly our Districts make significant local contributions. There is so much more we can do when we work together as members. We are focused on promoting the well-being of all members and on promoting healthy, active and dignified living for all older adults across Canada.

So take advantage of all that RTO/ERO membership offers—the benefits of group and travel insurance, to be sure. But also be aware of the benefit of participation in a vibrant and growing organization of like-minded individuals who share many interests and aspirations, dedicated to building a more inclusive and equitable Canadian society.

I can’t think of a more worthwhile way to invest some of your time as a member of RTO/ERO.


Jim Grieve