Guiding Beliefs

As an organization, and as reflected in its provincial Policies document, RTO/ERO has several Guiding Beliefs that reflect its history.

RTO/ERO Policies

The policy statements of RTO/ERO reflect the fundamental beliefs that guide the organization’s actions with respect to its role, philosophy and objectives.

Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan

  1. RTO/ERO believes it must maintain an effective voice in the management of the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, through the Ontario Teachers’ Federation.


Provincial Government

  1. Ministry of Senior Affairs
    RTO/ERO supports the establishment of a full Ministry for Senior Citizens’ Affairs by the Provincial Government.
  2. Provincial Testing and Recertification of Teachers
    RTO/ERO is opposed to the provincial testing and recertification of teachers.
  3. School Closures
    RTO/ERO encourages all appropriate education partners to consider the issue of school closures in a democratic manner, with the first criterion being the total welfare of students.
  4. Public Health Care System
    RTO/ERO supports a public health care system that provides comprehensive services for seniors.


Support for Active Teachers and Publicly-Funded Education

  1. Support for Publicly-Funded Education
    RTO/ERO believes that well-funded, public education systems provide the best opportunity for a quality education for all citizens in Ontario.
  2. Support for Active Teachers
    RTO/ERO supports active teachers in their efforts to maintain and improve the publicly-funded education systems of Ontario.
  3. Support for OTF and the Affiliates
    RTO/ERO supports the Ontario Teachers’ Federation and its Affiliates in those activities that will enhance the quality of teaching and learning for teachers and students in the publicly-funded education systems of Ontario.
  4. Right to Strike
    RTO/ERO supports the right to strike of teachers, support staff and faculty in publicly-funded school boards, colleges and universities in Ontario, both as a basic condition of employment and a legitimate means to achieve collective agreements.
  5. Defined Benefit Pension Plans
    RTO/ERO believes that Defined Benefit Pension Plans provide the best retirement income security.